SIPStation SIP Trunking Service

Switch to VoIP to reduce your telephony costs instantly. Using SIPStation, you get value without sacrificing service.

Sangoma's SIPStation Named Number One In Customer Satisfaction

Month to Month

$ 24
per channel/per mo

3 Year Plans

$ 19
per channel/per mo
Best Value!

1 Year Plan

$ 22
per channel/per mo

The SIPStation Advantage

* Unlimited dialing is viewed as “normal business usage” which is about 3,000 minutes per trunk.

Great Features at an Affordable Price

Number Porting​

Already have existing phone numbers? No problem, we can port them in for you.


Migration from traditional telephone lines without replacing your existing VoIP capable PBX.


Send and receive SMS messages at a competitively low rate.


Extend past your total number of trunks or usage.


Add and remove SIP Trunks based on your business requirements with ease.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)​

Affordable phone numbers and toll-free phone numbers.

Emergency 911​

Access to 911 emergency services from any of your service locations.

Built-in Failover​

Our failover system allows you to route calls to a cell phone or back-up landline in the event of a power or network outage at your location.

Are you looking for . SIP Trunking instead?

Sangoma provides wholesale SIP trunks intended for service providers and large enterprises that consume large amounts of telephony services. If you are looking for wholesale SIP trunks, take a look at Sangoma’s wholesale SIP trunking services.

Sangoma Phones

End-to-End Connectivity with Sangoma Products

SIPStation gives your company the ability to enjoy an end-to-end solution. With affordable SIP trunks, powerful UC solutions, and high quality IP phones, Sangoma provides the total communication solution for your organization.
"Partnering with Sangoma has been a vital part of our VoIP marketing and sales strategy. Standardising on Sangoma technologies allows us to provide our clients with highly advanced communication systems with excellent ongoing support options. We highly recommend Sangoma for our clients business telephony solutions."
David Johnson
Director, RM Computing

Become a Sangoma Partner

Empowered by Sangoma, Partners get priority access to a full range of high-quality products including: SIPStation SIP trunking service, IP phones, VoIP Gateways and Session Border Controllers, PSTN interface and application development cards.

With Sangoma, you can sell the products and services that match your expertise, appeal to your existing customers/partners and grow your business faster. 

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