Why SIPStation?

Simplify and save with reliable SIP trunking from SIPStation.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) allows for virtual phone line trunks, eliminating unnecessary analog and PRI lines and saving businesses money everyday.

Here are the top 5 reasons companies are moving to SIPStation:


Providing convenient scalability, SIPStation allows channels to easily be added or removed as necessary. Number porting is fast and simple, and SIPStation works with any PBX setup, including Switchvox, PBXact, FreePBX, and more.


With SIPStation, communication need not depend entirely on hardware. With multiple redundancies in the data center and internet routing, calls can be rerouted multiple ways in the event of network or PBX failures. Never miss a call!

Fully Supported

Sangoma guarantees fast, professional deployments (even multi-site) with award winning, worldwide, customer service and support.


With monthly, annual, and three-year plans, benefit from predictable, affordable, monthly payments while saving thousands off your phone bill (often over 50%).


Concurrency Bursting feature provides flexibility for handling high call volume events without the need for additional channels. This means that you can pay for your typical trunk usage, rather than your highest in a month.

Did You Know?

Today’s average analog line cost between $80-$100 per line/per month! PRI lines can run up to $200/line. And that is not including the installation fees on top of that to have the lines physically hooked up.

SIPStation SIP trunking starts at $19.99 and can save businesses hundreds of dollars a month on their phone bill. Talk to our sales team now for a quote and see how much you can save.
Sangoma's SIPStation Named Number One In Customer Satisfaction

Service is Everything

Rest assured that with SIPStation SIP trunking, your communication connection is not only reliable and secure, but your relationship with us as your vendor is our honor. We will make sure your support and customer service experience is above and beyond your expectation.

Want more information?

Our Sales team is standing by to answer your questions and show you how much you can save each month with SIPStation.

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